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Improve your relationship, balance, timing and feel with this inspiring horsemanship challenge!
Spending time building a relationship with your horse
is what really matters.. 
Do you find it difficult to get regular local lessons with a trainer who will put your horse's needs first?
Do you catch your horse, but then end up standing in your arena or paddock, not sure of what you should start to work on?
Do you avoid going to horse shows because you can't look at how some of the horses are treated? 
Do you ever feel frustrated, comparing yourself to others who tell you to 'just get on with it' but feel sad because you are still struggling with your own horse?
Do you wish you had a group of inspiring friends who treated their horses with kindness and thoughtfulness like you do?
Well, there’s a reason why the very top horsemen and women say that it takes more than 3 lifetimes to become a great horse person…

Because truly understanding a horse, and working with him in a way that is considerate and fair, to develop a relaxed, confident, light and soft horse - at all speeds - in all locations - is not easy. 

But when you understand that your horse's health and happiness means the world to you, and you decide you want to learn ways to allow you to work WITH your horse... then suddenly some wonderful opportunities can open to you.,..  

Hi. I’m Elaine Heney. 
I live in rural Ireland. And for many years, I struggled to find a horse riding instructor who could teach me in a way that I felt was considerate to the horse I rode. 

In my early twenties, I was feeling disillusioned after some bad riding lessons. A trainer tried to teach me to ask my horse to do a hindquarter yield, using a method that was forceful and unfair on my horse. That was not acceptable to me. So at the ripe old age of 22 I officially retired from examinations and the competition world. 
I wanted to find someone who could teach me and my horse, without abuse, or tension or stress or worry. But I had no idea where to start looking. 

So here’s what I did. 

I began my first 'crazy adventure'! I spent many years reading through internet forums looking for suggestions for interesting trainers around the world who taught in a way that was considerate of my horse. 

I jumped on planes and watched demonstrations and expositions from places as exotic as Vegas in the USA, and New South Wales in Australia. 

And I found wonderful horse people all over the world. Many were not famous but they did beautiful work with horses... 

I actually noticed that many of the most inspiring horse people - were the ones who weren't really that good at doing facebook posts, or youtube videos. 

Instead they quietly worked their horses, with kindness and consideration. And they were happy to share what they knew, to those who appreciated the value in how they worked with horses. 

And so after nearly 10 years following many of these 'quiet horsemen', I decided that their knowledge was too valuable to not share with the wider horse community. 
Listening to the Horse - The Movie

It began with the movie, Listening to the Horse. This showcased short lessons and philosophies from some of the most remarkable horse people in the world today. 

And something strange happened. Horse people from all over the world watched the movie, and then started to email me in wonderful stories of how the movie had helped them so much with their horses. 

Listening to the Horse - The Book
And I realised that these stories should also be shared with the world... and so the new 'Conversations with the Horse' book was born. 

I also got lots of emails from people wanting to know whats next? How could they continue to progress with their horse now that the movie had finished?
So I've created a one-of-a-kind training called, the “Listening to the Horse 14 Day Challenge.” This is the opportunity I wish I had years ago, when I was struggling to find the way forward with my horse. 

This is a 14 day online challenge, that will work for you no matter what age, breed or type of horse you have. This challenge contains practical groundwork and riding exercises that you can do with your own horse. 

It features some of the amazing horse people you met in Listening to the Horse, like Jeff Sanders, Lester Buckley, Steve Halfpenny and Warwick Schiller

It also introduces some wonderful new horse people, like Callie King. Each day you will get a daily online practical lesson and challenge to complete. All of these lessons are fun to do and will help you and your horse to stay healthy, have fun together and improve your groundwork and riding skills. 

At the end of two weeks, your horse will be lighter and softer on the ground with new methods of 'not pulling' shared by Steve Halfpenny, and be less likely to walk into you when you are leading him with help with personal space with Cathrine Fodstad. 

You will be feeling more supple and healthy, and you'll have met lots of new friends in our new online community and you will also have a much more positive perspective on life!

Your ridden work will also have improved hugely, as you will fix issues like destination addiction with Warwick Schiller, get a cantering masterclass with Lester Buckley and begin to work on collection with Jeff Sanders. 

If you want to know what is the next step for you and your horse, this challenge can save you months (or up to three lifetimes!) of trying to figure it out on your own.

And to inspire you, you will also a free 'Conversations with the Horse' eBook to download and enjoy. 

Your investment to join is just $99.

As you’ll see below, the total value of this challenge program is $654 USD.

You get ALL THIS when you join today:
Join The "Listening to the Horse Challenge" Today!
  • What date will this challenge start? This challenge starts now!
  • What is VAT? Europeans will also be changed VAT based on the country you live in. This is a European rule we must adhere to. 
  • I'm too busy right now! You can complete the challenge in your own time - on the days that suit you best. You can do each challenge in your own schedule. You also get to keep all the lessons after the challenge. So it doesn't matter if you miss some days (we all have busy lives), or don't start this challenge immediately. 
  • If I purchase now, can I watch the challenge videos later when I have more time? Yes. This is a self-paced challenge. While you will get one new lesson daily for 14 days, you can do these at your convenience. There is no time limit. 
  • ​How long do I get access to the facebook group for? You will get access for 8 weeks from the date you join this challenge. 
  • What currency is the price? The price is USD - American dollars. 
  • ​​​Is there a guarantee? Yes. We offer a 'no questions asked'' 10 day money back guarantee. 
  • How many times can I watch these for? You have unlimited access.. If you are not ready to start right now - that's OK! When you purchase the challenge, it will be ready for you when you are ready.
  • What happens if I fall behind? While there is a new training video every day for 14 days, you can complete this challenge in your own time. All the training videos will be available 24/7 to with unlimited access, once they have been published in the challenge. 
  •  Do I need a facebook account for this challenge? The challenge community will be based in facebook. So as the community is an important part of the challenge, I recommend you sign up for a facebook account, just for the duration of this challenge, in case you are not on facebook already. Most people are on facebook and they do have great community and group features. 
  •  How long are the daily videos? Each challenge video lesson is about 5-10 mins.
  •  How long will it take to do the challenge each day? Depending on the day, it will take somewhere between 15 and 30 mins per day. 
  •  What level do I have to be at to do this challenge? This challenge is suitable for all levels. It contains a mixture of groundwork and riding exercises. Every day you will get an exercise to complete with your horse. 
  •  Do I need my own horse to do this challenge? You would need access to a horse to complete the daily challenges. 
  •  Do I have to be able to ride my horse for this challenge? There are some riding challenges. You can choose to do this or to skip them, it is up to you and what you feel comfortable doing. 
  • Who is the artist who painted the grey horse at the top of this page? His name is Tony O'Connor from Ireland. He is the official Grey Pony Films artist-in-residence. 

"This challenge emphasizes partnership, good horsemanship, and great techniques that involve trust and kindness. I highly recommend it"

"The 14 day 'Listening to the Horse' challenge made me think about how I am working with my horse. It is 14 days of thinking about how you interact with your horse, some fantastic advice that anyone, from a novice to an expert can use - from groundwork to in the saddle advice to make you and your horse better partners. It emphasizes partnership, good horsemanship, and great techniques that involve trust and kindness. I highly recommend it" - Sarah, USA.

"It gave me key elements to improve upon and to deepen my relationship with my horse"

"This Listening to the Horse' challenge is easy to complete, but it gave me key elements to improve upon and to deepen my relationship with my horse" - Suzie, USA

"I enjoy going down to the barn more than ever and the horses are happier"

"So many riders and horses are in need of a new way to connect; My horses are responding to this like no other tools I've been using. I enjoy going down to the barn more than ever and the horses are happier" - Karen, USA. 

"From the first lesson I noticed huge change in my Icelandic horse. "

"I really loved this challenge. From the first lesson I noticed huge change in my Icelandic horse. The next day I was able to get him to walk on the float by himself something I was never able to do, I had to lead him in! All I did was wait...wonderful! Highly recommended for all owners of horses." - Sydney, Australia

"After doing this challenge, I feel my horse and I have a great future together."

"I highly recommend this challenge as before I started it my confidence was at a low. Both my horses aren't easy horses to train but after doing this challenge, all little things I have missed I feel we have a great future together. I not a person that does clinics so this has been a step out of my comfort zone.  But so glad I did and I can't wait to start my next one."  - Sharon from Australia 

"I am isolated from lots of different horse people & it is brilliant to know I'm not alone in the things I do and feel"

"I have just had the most wonderful 14 day opportunity to play with my horses with a different thought pattern to how I do things normally. The other wonderful thing is that I am isolated from lots of different horse people & it is brilliant to know I'm not alone in the things I do and feel! I live in Western Australia. Thank you Elaine & all the fantastic instructors who have shared their knowledge! Thank you to everyone who also did the challenges & shared their stories!!"

"My horse has become even calmer, but still full of character"

"I loved the variety of easily accessible training videos, the worksheets helped me take the work to my horse and practice in a structured manner. I enjoyed sharing my feedback and experiences with the facebook group and seeing their positive responses and experiences. I felt so connected to everyone. Everything seemed more possible. I do feel that I have passed a new milestone of confidence with Alamo. He has become even calmer, but still full of character and in a variety of new and potentially difficult circumstances. My horizons have expanded again. Thank You." Jen

"Every day had something valuable and it was filled with fun exercises to do with your horse."

"The 14 Day Challenge is great no matter what level you are at with your horse. Every day had something valuable and it was filled with fun exercises to do with your horse." Karen , United States

"Listen to the horse and develop that soft feel and connection that makes you and your horse partners"

"This program is a great way to introduce you to a number of different experts around the world in ways to improve your relationship with your horse, to be able to 'listen' to the horse and develop that soft feel and connection that makes you and your horse partners. Each day provided a short video, questions to ask yourself, 'homework' to do with your horse, and links to the experts' web sites for further detail. In a short time you get exposed to a lot of great teachers and ideas". USA
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